Suzuki GN 2019 - ລາຄາ: 550 USD

ມື້ໂພສ : 08-04-2019   |   ຈໍານວນຄົນເຂົ້າເບິ່ງ : 2302

ຜູ້ຜະລິດSuzuki ເຄື່ອງຫມາຍGN
ສະພາບລົດລົດມືສອງ ລົດຜະລິດຈາກລົດນໍາເຂົ້າ
ເກຍລົດເກຍກະປຸກ ເຊື້ອເພີງແອັດຊັງ
ປີຜະລິດ2019 ຈໍານວນ ກມ ທີໃຊ້0
ປະເພດ ສີພາຍນອກ

Suzuki GN 2019, , ລົດນໍາເຂົ້າ , ລົດມືສອງ, ເຊື້ອເພີງ ແອັດຊັງ, . ລະຫັດ: 318, ລາຄາ: 550 USD

Suzuki GN125 (engine rebuilt to 150) This is Suzi! She's sexy, loud, obnoxious, she turns heads, and all the local men hit on her! Looking to line up a sale in Vientiane. Suzuki GN125 (engine rebuilt to 150cc) purchased in Hanoi, Vietnam Feb. 27th, 2019. Is an absolute dream to ride, fun, fast! I have probably put more money than I needed to into her care, updating anything she needed as I've moved around, but it was kinda fun... Vietnamese plated and comes with original Blue Card. Recent work: - New manifold, air & fuel filter, HT lead - Carburetor cleaned and tuned - Gasket & clutch seals changed - Oil & filter changes every 700km - New brake fluid reserve Past work (before me): - New starter motor, clutch lever - New brake light, fuel tank - New carburetor - New sprocket & chain - New ignition coils & CDI Asking $550 USD. Hit me up to learn more or to go on a date with her! Happy travels!

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